Habits to avoid when using wavy Remy hair extensions

Habits to avoid when using wavy Remy hair extensions

We all know that time use wavy Remy hair extensions depends a lot on how we take care of it. Currently, looking for effective hair care articles is not difficult, but few of it mention bad habits that can ruin your tight wavy weave. Please read the Vnremyhair article for more useful information on hair care that you may not even know about.

1. We first mention the external factor that is Air pollution.

Air contains a lot of pollutants including smoke, mist, dust, etc. In some areas like factories and industrial parks, it can also contain toxic chemicals in the air. They not only have bad effects on your real hair, wavy Remy hair extensions but also for your skin.
wavy remy hair extensions
When your hair is not well-shielded, these ingredients can be combined with sweat and oil on your scalp to make the first hair dirty, then more vulnerable and split.

If you live, work or travel through these areas, it’s best to protect your wavy human hair extensions by wearing a hat or using a towel.

2. Use products that are too dry or too harsh with wavy Remy hair extensions.

The use of products different for hair should also be noted. You should only use light products for your hair for long-term results and keep your hair healthy. Some powerful products may be effective quickly, but excessive activity can damage the structure of the hair.

When a damaged wavy Remy hair extensions structure causes the hair to lose moisture quickly and become dry, resulting in split ends. The hair will not retain a strong shine.

wavy remy hair extensions

In addition, the change of hair structure also makes hair lose much effect such as hard to bleach, dye or style at the discretion of the user. The condition of a broken hair structure takes place for a long time resulting in wavy Remy hair extensions will be completely broken and can’t be used anymore.

The wavy Remy hair extensions are very strong, but long term use is still damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid cleaning and bleaching hair with strong chemicals. Limiting the constant use of heat on your hair will help you use it longer.

It is also worth noting that additional keratin is needed for hair. Because Keratin is an important component in the structure of the hair. It should be noted that when taking keratin supplements within 6 months you should not do anything else in your hair like bleaching, dyeing or continuous styling to avoid adverse effects on your hair.

3. Not pruning their hair.

This is another mistake, you need to adjust. Even if you’re trying to keep your hair long, trimming your hair is very important to keep your hair beautiful and healthy.

Even if your hair is real or your hair is usually dry and split ends. An effective way to reduce this condition is to trim damaged hair to prevent the split ends from growing. Then use essential oils to keep hair moisturized. This is useful to help prevent damage hair.

4. Forget the most important thing: protecting hair structure.

As you all know, the properties of hair are due to the natural structure of the hair. Protecting this structure is the most important thing. All of the above methods are meant to protect the hair structure. If possible you should spend some time researching your hair and you will understand why you are doing these things.

wavy remy hair extensions

The wavy Remy hair extension time will depend on how you use it. But the quality of the original hair is also very important. That’s why you need to choose a good supplier for you.

Vnremyhair is proud to be one of the best top wavy Remy hair extensions websites in Nigeria and many African countries, we can give your best hair. Thank you for reading and following my article for wavy Remy hair extensions. You can see more other useful articles about hair extensions on hair blogs. Please continue to follow and support my other articles in the next time.


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