Things to know when using weft weave hair extensions.

Things to know when using weft weave hair extensions.

Weft weave hair extensions are becoming a common trend in the world - it is one of the methods of women's beauty. However, not everyone knows how to use weft weave hair extensions correctly and take care of them. All will be included in the article below.

1. Select appropriate hair extensions?

weft weave hair extensions

The first thing before you buy a hair extension, you need to determine the hair type you choose to choose the appropriate extension. If you are a virgin hair wholesaler, you need to find out: what your customer needs, What is the market demand? Where is the hair trend now? To choose the right hairstyle.

2. Take care of weft weave hair extensions.

2.1. Brush hair.

Brush hair one of the most important steps in the process of caring for your weft weave hair extensions. You can brush your hair to avoid tangling but do not brush your hair continuously. If your hair is tangled, you can use your finger or a wide-tooth comb to gently tangle it. Do not brush it vigorously. It can drop a lot, recommend three times a day, and always gently comb from the beginning to the base.

weft weave hair extensions

Avoid using a hard bristle brush because it can harm the hair cuticle. Sparse tooth combs should be used for hair extensions.

2.2. Wash hair.

Washing your weft weave hair extensions too much is not necessary, but if it's dirty wash it. Or you can schedule an extension at least once a week. Choose the best shampoo and conditioner for weaving hair.

Make sure to dry hair in the most natural way to limit the use of the dryer. Regularly take care of your hair with coconut oil to make your hair shiny and strong.

weft weave hair extensions

When you wipe hair, you should wrap your hair and gently dry your hair. Wet hair is the weakest hair, so avoid strong impacts on your hair such as rub or jerky hair. Hair should be left to dry naturally or dry with a fan.

3. Some hair care products.

Use recommended products for weft weave hair extensions. Always apply a thermal protector before using any hot tools. Any type of oil or moisturizer should be used from the middle shaft down

Dry hair is the common culprit of tangled hair extensions. Commit to using the conditioner once a week or daily conditioner. Hair conditioner will restore any moisture lost due to heat styling, chlorine swimming, weather, etc. Make sure to apply conditioner only to the ends to avoid greasy hairline, which may cause the opening. 

After a period of use, the hair will be split ends, sclerosis, difficult to attach nutrients. Apply a few specialized surfactants, starting from the back of the hair to untangle and make it easy to get osmotic in the hair. Because weft weave hair extensions are dead hair, you cannot use oil or other normal hair care products to prevent hair follicles.

weft weave hair extensions

Stay away hair care products contain sunfast that will make your hair become dry.
You can take advantage of natural products at home to care for hair like bananas, aloe, honey, yogurt, olive oil ... to make the extension more smooth.

4. When you go to sleep.

One mistake that most people wearing wigs always have is to fall asleep while the weft weave hair extensions are getting wet that will cause the hair links to be destroyed. Note that you should dry your wig before sleeping.

Sleeping with silk pillows, instead of cotton or other materials, can minimize the amount of friction caused by rotating all night. Be sure to use a scrub, instead of an elastic band, because the tightness of the elastic band can break your hair.

Above are some suggestions to take care of weft weave hair extensions of Vnremyhair. Thank you for reading this article. Hope this article will help you. See you in the following article.

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