What are the curly wave products?

What are the curly wave products?

Did you know how to choose the right curly weave products? Now, naturally curly hair no longer meets the needs of users' designs and colors, curly weave products have met some of those essential needs. If you are in the process of finding a reliable hair supplier, go to Vnremyhair. We will provide you with beautiful and suitable curly hairstyles for you.

1. First, you need to understand what is curly weave products?

It is similar to wavy hair with lightness, but curly hair is more tangled and ruffled than wavy hair. Its curly hair is very small and tight so it looks very thick.

Curly hair is often suitable for girls who pursue unique and new fashion styles. Currently, it is a fashion style used by many world stars such as singer Rihana or Blake Lively, ...

Rihana with curly hair

    For curly hair, it is difficult for you to keep your original style. You often need to use some tools to fix and keep the curls longer.

    Vnremyhair's curly weave products also have to go through step by step carefully, using fixed tools can create beautiful and even curls. This is why customers trust and use our curly hair products.

    2. Characteristics of curly weave products.

    Vietnamese hair has become quite popular in recent years for consumers worldwide. When big suppliers like Peru and Brazil do not have enough hair to supply or products from suppliers from China and India, .. are cheap but hair quality is not guaranteed.

    Vnremyhair's curly weave products have striking curls with uniform thickness. Each strand of hair is carefully wrapped with a wrap technique suitable for each hairstyle. Our hair after being wrapped will use steam at the right temperature, so it can keep the hair sticky for a long time.

      Moreover, Vnremyhair's curly weave products have many ways to wrap as well as a hairstyle. It can be wrapped carefully and meticulously under the skillful hands of craftsmen.

      Normal, there are two kinds of curly hair include natural texture and steamed curly(that made from chemical and hot water in high temperature). When using curling tools Curly hair usually has a dry tail so it requires the use of additional nutrients needed during use to keep the hair beautiful and strong.

      Curly weave products are often limited in color because their hair structure is not as good and not as strong as straight hair, so most suppliers can only provide black curly weave hair, color # 2 to # 4.

      3. Why should you choose the curly weave products of us?

      3.1. First is raw hair.

      First of all our hair is pure hair that has not gone through the process of bleaching, dyeing or using different chemicals so its color is black curly weave hair.

      Our hair comes from donors only in rural areas and ethnic minorities in Vietnam. It was cut from the real hair of women living in rural and village areas. They are people with little exposure to chemicals, so the way they take care of hair comes from natural products, which are very safe.

      3.2. Our hair is produced based on standard processes. 

      Our hair after being collected will undergo a process of washing and puppet filter, and then start going into the first steps of the factory's production process.

      We have a large-scale production workshop, modern advanced technology. Here, all workers pay attention to each stage of production so as not to encounter problems related to product quality after completing the product.

      When starting to wrap, workers will carefully check each type to choose the type of wrap that is suitable for each type. For each type of curly hair, they use different wrap techniques to ensure that products are created to meet consumer needs.

      The hair after wrapping on styling tools will spend some time in contact with steam at high temperatures to help the curls stay longer after the completion of the curly weave products.

      3.3. Quality and price of hair meet the needs of consumers.

      Vnremyhair's curly weave products ensure all the quality requirements of users. The hair of the original structure retains an outer cutin layer suitable for use in dyeing to create favorite hair color.

      However, curly hair has poor hair structure with straight hair, thin hair structure, so you need to limit the styling continuously and avoid bleaching, many times.

      Besides, Vnremyhair is one of the best cheap curly weave suppliers in Vietnam besides other famous suppliers like VietnamRemyhair, google hair, Kinghairextensions, ...

      Each curly weave product we offer ensures quality and price is the best cheap curly weave.

      4. About care curly weave products.

      Our hair can usually be used for 1 to 2 years. Depending on your level of care and your preservation, this time also changes. If you misuse bleach, dye too much, your shelf life may be shorter.

      Having healthy and beautiful curly hair you have to spend a lot of time to take care and learn appropriate and effective hair care methods.

      hair care with keratin

        In addition, keratin should be added to the hair in case of dry, damaged hair. Note when using keratin you should not use chemicals for guests for 6 months.

        Regularly take care of your hair with natural products to keep your hair strong and beautiful.

         Above is the introduction of curly weave products of VnRemy hair. I am sure that you already understand what our curly hair section is, quality. If you are in the process of finding a curly weave hair supplier that is reliable and safe for yourself, please come to us. We will never disappoint you.

        Thank you for reading my article. If you have any questions, please contact me immediately for answers and continue to monitor and support my next posts. 

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