Straight weave hair: the best choice for you

Straight weave hair: the best choice for you

Do you know what is straight weave hair? How to own a quality straight hair product? Today Vnremyhair will help you answer those questions and introduce you to our straight hair products.

1. What is straight weave hair?

Straight weave hair is smooth and soft straight hair from head to tail. It is a product derived from 100% pure human hair, limiting chemical use. With straight hair, it captures the majority of consumer choices because it is stronger, softer, smoother than other product lines.

straight weave hair

2. Characteristics of straight hair.

Straight weave hair has outstanding features that are soft and smooth, so in the process of washing our hair, we always have to use quality hair care products, not harmful to hair as well as for long-term users.

Moreover, between Vnremyhair’s straight and curly weave, straight hair is of better quality so there is more variety in color and style. If curly weave hair only has from color natural to #4, then straight weave hair can be bleached up to #8 even #10. Also from straight weave hair products can also be curly hair products.

3. Why should you choose straight weave hair from Vnremyhair?

3.1. Reasonable prices.

In terms of price, our straight weave hair the priced in accordance with consumer wishes. With each price, we will provide you the right type of straight hair.

This does not mean that cheap straight weave hair is not of good quality. You never have to worry about this issue, because no matter how much you spend, then only change in quantity, quality almost unchanged.

3.2. Assurance quality.

Vietnamremyhair’s straight weave hair gives you the benefits that sometimes many other suppliers not able to do.

Our straight weave hair can be used for dyeing, bleaching, styling. Especially when bleaching, our straight hair can be bleached up to bright colors such as #8,#10. Because it is 100% pure human hair, the hair structure is not changed during production and does not use chemicals that damage the hair.

30 inch straight hair weave

However, besides bleaching, dyeing you also need to combine proper care then your hair can be used for a long time. Also, from the original straight hair products we sent you, you can create curly and wavy hair depending on your preference.

3.3. Time to use.

In terms of usage time, Vnremyhair’s straight weave hair has a normal shelf life that will be many years depending on how you take care of it: using shampoo, conditioner oil, chemical use, heat. However, the fact usage time is usually 1-2 years.

3.4. Variety of product lines.

The products that VnRemyhair provides to consumers include many different types. For example, straight hair has double straight weave hair, single straight weave hair, … depending on customer requirements, we will provide suitable products for them.

straight weave hair

Through this article,  sure you know what is straight weave hair, selectable the right hair supplier for you? If you are in the process of searching for hair suppliers you can come to Vnremyhair, we will help you get the best straight weave products. Thank you for following my post. Also for more useful hair information please follow our article on the blog.

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