What is the natural curly weave?

What is the natural curly weave?

Have you ever found out about natural curly weave as well as how to take care of it safe and beautiful? In the article today Vnremyhair will answer all your questions about it. Follow and share my article with many people if you find it to bring a lot of useful information.

1. Origin has the natural curly weave.

The cause of curly hair or straight hair is the structure of hair follicles. Hair shape and hair growth are caused by hair follicles. In addition, straight or curly hair depends on the structure of the protein in the hair.

18 curly weave

Natural curly hair has an uneven protein structure. Simply put, curly hair has an uneven protein distribution structure (skewed), the amount of protein keratin is mainly concentrated inside angular bottom curves.

So natural curly weave is a hair bundle, consists of curly hairs weave together based on modern technology. It’s not straight from the start and it’s naturally curly not to use any styling tools.

2. how to take care of curly hair?

2.1. you should not wash much.

After years of working in the field of hair extensions, we found that people with natural curly weave hairstyles should wash their hair less than straight hair. Because you wash your hair too many times a week, curly hair will be hard to keep in its original style. Although you use gel or cream, you can regain natural curls.

2.2. Using an oil conditioner will help hair develop better.

natural curly weave

The best curly weave hair has a medium growth level, slower than straight hair. A study has shown that naturally curly hair using oil will look better and growth level better. So you want a long, naturally beautiful, curly hair a bottle of oil conditioner will be the best products for the curly weave.

3. Brush your hair properly.

The hair comb is a step to increase the straightness of your hair. After shampooing and conditioning the hair, it needs to be gently brushed from root to tip. In addition, you can use it in combination with oil to look better.

natural curly weave

For dry and tangled hair, you should do this for a long time. In particular, you should use a wide-toothed comb and soft teeth to comb hair and reduce hair loss and reduce friction between hair and comb.

4. The natural curly weave comes from Vnremyhair.

4.1. variety of product lines.

The natural curly weave is quite rare, so most curly hair products from us are steam curly hair. Curls you can choose for your weave hair extensions that can be curly or kinky curly. All curly weaves are made from 100% real human hair: No shedding, no tangle, and no smell.

Like all hair types from Vietnamese hair, curly hair extensions come in two natural colors: black and dark brown. In addition, we also provide many other colors such as color # 4 or ombre color # 43.

Because the structure of curly hair is much weaker than that of straight or wavy hair extensions, you are dead to erase it to too bright colors like # 8, # 10, … If you deliberately do this your hair is quickly destroyed and shortened to use.

16 inches curly hair

Especially we bring you many different types of curly hair with sizes from 8 inches to 32 inches. This length is for all our hair and is similar to curly hair extensions. The most popular length customers like is from 10 inches to 24 inches. The length of the hair will be measured when straightening from top to bottom.

In addition, we offer best curly weave hair with both: single and double hair and have price lists suitable for retail and wholesale of each of them. However, we prefer more wholesale buyers. We believe you will get the best from us.

4.2. About price and time use.

Our curly hair products are selected by many customers because of reasonable prices. Most of our customers’ feedback says that our prices are cheaper than many other providers they have worked with before.

Usually, the hair usage time can be 1-2 years and it may vary depending on how you care. To keep your natural curly weave beautiful, take care of it properly. Regularly take care of your curly hair with natural foods. Try to keep sticky your hair curly. When you don’t use it anymore, you should store neatly to avoid tangle or stretching.

Above is all the information that Vnremyhair brings to you about natural curly weave including what is it? How to care? and how to own it? Also, you can refer to other hair related information on my blog site.

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