What is non-remy hair? How can we recognize Non-remy hair product

What is non-remy hair? How can we recognize Non-remy hair product

When it comes to messy, tangle hair, people often think of Non- Remy hair. So, what is non-Remy hair? Where it is collected and how it is treated when you meet the non-Remy hair product.

1. What is non- Remy hair

If hair Remy hair is collected from one or more donor, the hair is arranged in a certain way (same direction). But with the non- Remy hair, it isn't be collected same.

All non-Remy hair is collected in big bunches, from anywhere, mostly from the hairbrushes of ladies and girls that have long hair and daily clean their hairbrushes and sell the hair. Collecting hair makes the cuticles being mixed up and facing in different directions. And What is going on next? They would tangle hopelessly and no one could comb through them.

2. How can we recognize Non-Remy hair

Actually, you can’t recognize what is Remy's hair and non-Remy hair when your hair is dry, use some water and conditioner on your hair. Then gently wash it, from top to bottom and make sure that during the process of washing your hair, you do not rub strongly. If after soaking in water, your hair is somewhat rough, can’t be removed or combed with a comb is a non-Remy hair.

Because when you soak your hair in the water, the epidermis in your hair opens, because the structure is arranged in the opposite direction, so the hair is tangled at any point on the hair, bewildering from beginning to end. And no hair care product can help you remove it.

However, if you can use the hand or brush from the top and it is tangled only a little in the middle or bottom, rest assured that it is still hair Remy hair

3. Treatment when the hair is a tangle.

Actually, when you see tangled hair, the only thing you can do is to find where is the tangle and cut it off. In the case, the hair is only a little tangled, it does not affect too much to your hair. However, if the hair is tangle all. Please send feedback to your supplier and request a new product change as only the manufacturer may have the technology to separate and rearrange the non-Remy hair.

Hopefully, this article can help you in understanding hair non-Remy hair

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