What is single drawn hair extensions ?

What is single drawn hair extensions ?

Single drawn hair, double drawn hair, super double is one of the familiar and frequently mentioned terms in hair extensions. However, if you are a newcomer to this industry, then you will feel that these terms are strange and unfamiliar. To help you better understand the differences and be more confident about your choice when choosing a provider for your business, let's explore the article below.

1. What is single drawn hair

Single drawn hair is the standard thickness that many hair extensions are available in, and is a very popular choice for hair extension wearers. In each bundle, there will be long hair and short hair, depending on the manufacturer, the ratio of long hair and short hair will be different.

What does this mean? I will give you an example of a single drawn hair so that you can better understand it.

If you take a bundle of 18" straight- single drawn hair, around 50% of hair are likely to measure approx 18" and 50% of hair left, can be a combination of lengths, maybe 12 ", 14" and 16 ". For this reason, the hair will thicken in the hairline, but then the thickness will decrease from head to tip.

As I mentioned from the beginning, with each company, each factory, the ratio of long hair and short hair will be different and there is no uniform standard of how to create single drawn hair between them together.

2. Why do many people want to use single drawn hair?

For many people, they want their hair to be square-tailed, to be thick from head to tail, and they won't assume that single drawn hair is a quality product.

However, with other customers, they chose single drawn hair due to its natural finish. As you know, with natural hair growing from our scalp, each hair won't grow differently. So the hair will have different lengths. That is why, with customers looking for a natural finish, single drawn hair is the perfect choice for them.

In addition, the price of single draw hair is usually lower than that of double drawn hair or super double hair. However, if you want, you can also trim a little at the ends of single draw hair and hair can thicken significantly.

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