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  • Name Product: 13x4 Frontal deep wavy
  • Material: Vietnamese hair
  • Style: Deep wavy
  • Color : #1, #1B, #2, #2b, #4, #6, #8, #10, #43, Ombre
  • How can I use your product:

With product have a weight of about 100 gram/1 bundles, you can use from 2-3 bundles to make full wigs, the quantity depends on your customer request. If they want to own thick hair, they can choose more bundles to install.

Take care of your hair by hair care products. In order to clean your hair, you can wash hair extensions from 2-3 times per week. Don't keep the hair directly with the sun or the sea for more than 3 hours. It will damage the hair. When you comb the hair extensions, you shouldn't use the brush, let use your hand to pass through the curls. This is a smart action to protect your hair. With products: curly, wavy, funmi hair, you should comb the hair from the bottom up.

  • How can I order your hair?

We always find a good relationship, it is a win-win, so if you are new to our customer, you should choose a small sample to test our quality first before you work with us in a big purchase.

To Have the best support from our detail information, you can contact the sales team. With more than 4 years of experience in hair extensions, they can support you with the best ability. Feel free to contact us by email, WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage… We always are here to follow you.

  • The payment method.

To ensure the safety of cooperation and make you more secure, we give you the form of payment: NAIRA ACCOUNT ( bank account: 0058879831, Name bank: diamond bank ),  western union, money gram, bank transfer, PayPal, ria

We have a representer in Nigeria, if you live in Nigeria but you have the trouble with the payment, you can send money to our representer in Nigeria. It will be fine even you pay by Naira

Because the products need to be well-preserved, avoid hidden air during transport (3-5 days). So the hair will be packed in plastic bags and wrapped in a sealed carton, waterproof, no air circulation.

Shipment: We have many kinds of shipment methods such as CARGO, UPS, DHL. With each method, it will have advantage and disadvantage about:  time, cost, trouble in the time send hair

Except for customers in Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya. We recommend you choose the shipment method by Cargo firm. Because it is the best method such as the cheapest cost, faster time, no trouble with the customs in your country

  • Guarantee product.

Before we send hair, your supporter will have the responsibility to confirm with you about pictures, video and call video. So if you need to check the product before shipping hair, you can contact with your supporter in order to the product is the same as your order.

  • Return policy.

**** Don’t cut & change product: Please check hair before use, we not accept return hair if you already change the hair.

The product can be returned after 10 days when you receive the product when You notice that your hair is experiencing manufacturing defects and you can not fix

All shipping costs for return hair will be paid by the customer, we will be responsible for shipping costs (from Vietnam to ....). This rule applies to all customers and all areas

  • Sale promotion.

This form of promotion or rebate is only applicable to orders larger than 20 kg, depending on the details of the order, we will discussions with you about the promotional policy before you make payment.

VNREMYHAIR wants to say thank you with all you guys who are interested in Vietnamese hair extensions. In order to meet your request, we promise we will improve quality, service to develop our relationship. Thank you and hope we always have a good relationship.