About us

Welcome to VNREMYHAIR - where you can search for VIETNAMESE HAIR extensions products with all styles, sizes and colors.

We are a manufacturer and an online supplier, with a team of experienced sales consultants. So when you can't find any of the hairstyles you want on our website,you can send us about: picture and product criteria. After they check with the factory,the supporter will confirm to you about the hair if we can make it.

In 2012, We were only a small hair extensions retailer in Vietnam. Our customer was a women, who want to change their hairstyle to match the fashion of the day. But in that time, we realize that not only domestic customers, but also overseas customers have known about our brand. Most of foreign customers are mainly travelers, they are friend of vietnamese people who already bought hair extensions from us before. Some people want to buy some bundles of hair to change their hairstyle while they traveled in vietnam. Customer's trust is a great motivation for us to compete and expand in production as well as quality

After 2 years,it was 2014,the customer's requirements grew so much. From 1 to 2kg per month the first time, we had the lagers order, they bought more than 5kg per month, which prompted us to expand our business, expansion of production facilities to ensure product quality, delivery time and ability to provide.

It has been 5 years when we have being worked in hair extensions, after a long work, we are proud to have the vietnamese hair brand become popular and well known.

In 2014, up to 60% of the hair volume is available to customers from Africa (Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa) and 30% to US customers, while the remainder is for customers in other regions. (chille ....)

In 2016, after a year of technology development as well as production expansion, from the initial 20 workers, we have had up to 200 workers working continuously, and the return of customers has helped us to confim about our quality. We increase sales significantly, the main market is still Africa.The regular customers always come to Viet Nam per year. They go to the office and factory to directly select the hair.

Our mission is giving the Vietnamese hair brand to everyone who is planning to grow a business, salon owner and all girls who needs a hair product to change their hairstyles.

Now we have a factory, an office and a website, that's all we'll keep and grow in the future. But our mission is unchanged, we want to give our customers the best products and services for everyone to know is not only brands: peru hair, brazilian hair, indian hair, cambodian hair .. that is vietnamese hair

What is your standard when you buy vietnamese hair?

All resaler's desire is satisfaction of customer. Of course, we know, when you sell any product, you will want to make your customer happy. After that, they will come back and introduce more friends for your shop.

Other customer, they want to change and create their own style with a new hair? It is not problem when you use vietnamese hair

Beside, when you meet the trouble with the hair, do you want to work with a partner who will take care and listen all your request?

vnremyhair will be to help you with that. Customer always our priority. We always support and share what is best for people about products, services, problems you are having difficulty ...

What can you expect when you work with vnremy hair?

  1. We are not only your supllier but also are your friend
  2. We do business base on win-win relationship
  3. We always share solutions when you meet trouble with hair extensions.
  4. We will show you the reason why you should trust us, not only by our words, we do by action.
  5. We can make your customer happy when they receive products.

That is all that vnrmh wants to send to you, if you have any questions or need more information before deciding to cooperate with us, please send us. With the experience and knowledge of 5 years of work, we look forward to bringing you satisfaction.

Have a great time at VNREMYHAIR

Best regard