FAQ & HAIR CARE TIPS

  1. How many bundles of hair extensions for a full hair ?

Depending on the length and volume you tend to achieve with your hairstyle, 2-3 bundles but we suggest 3 bundles when going for longer hair lengths. Some customer just use 2 bundle + 1 closure (4x4).

  1. what is double drawn and super double drawn hair?

Double drawn hairs are thick and full from root to top with 60-70% of the strands being equal. Super double drawn hairs are thicker and more voluminous that the double drawn which means 80-90% of the super double drawn strands are equal.

  1. how many bundles for one killo ?
    We sell by Bundle, every bundle is 100 gram => 1 kg is 10 bundles
  2. how long to get my order ?

Depending on your order, we will notify you of the delivery time immediately after receiving the order details.

  1. Do you have factory or only sell hair ?

yes, We have a factory and we are wholesaler

  1. why don't you have hair ready in stock ?

each buyer is each standard, I want to support you with right you need so I will make new hair for you and I need time to make it

  1. Do you have super double with 100% same length ?

We don't supply 100% same length now. But you can choose our supper double.

  1. What hair extension product should I use?

We highly recommend the use of a high quality sulfate-free shampoo together with a rich moisturizing conditioner. It is best to avoid 2-in-1 shampoos and conditioners, as shampoos are cleaning and removing built in residues while conditioners are restoring nutrients into the hair. We also recommend the use of leave in conditioners. Please note that the constant use of leave in conditioners will cause build ups making the hair sticky and heavy, so be sure to wash hair frequently to remove build up from the hair product.

Most clients prefer the use of botanical products which they use on their own hair. This can be done; however, swish hair extension is better off with shampoos and conditionals. High quality products elongate the lifespan of your hair extension.

  1. How often should I shampoo my hair?

At least once or twice a week

  1. How do I dry my hair?

To achieve the best result on your wavy or curly extensions, allow the extension to AIR DRY. When in a haste, use a blow dryer together with a diffuser on the end (for wavy hair). Blow drying a wavy hair without diffuser can have a straightening effect on the hair and/or disturb the wave/curl pattern.

  1. Can I color my hair?

Absolutely! Our hair takes on permanent and semi-permanent color very well.  Please note: we strongly suggest you seek the help of a professional to avoid damaging your investment. Constant and improper coloring, or perming can also damage our hair just as it would be to yours.

  1. Can I swim with my hair?

Yes. We suggest you wear a swim cap whenever you go swimming. You should also plan on washing your hair immediately after swimming.

  1. How can Bedtime maintenance for deep wavy/curly

Before going to bed, wrap your hair in a ponytail style with a satin scarf/bonnet.

By morning, unwrap ponytail.

Using a spray bottle and a wide tooth comb, comb hair section by section starting from the root to the top.

Gently scrunch hair.

Allow to Air dry.

Do not touch hair when wet; this may cause the hair to get frizzy.

All our advice for you to take care of your hair is to: take care of your hair regularly, restrict the use of chemicals and process with your hair,
Finally: vnremyhair would like to wish you find the best hair style and best quality.